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Special Song Performance by the Former Executive Committee


On this Sunday, on 17th December 2023, marking the end of a special week of  the former CEP executive committe, they launched a remarkable song performance to the congregation.

The former executive committee members- President TURATSINZE Rodrigue, Vice President UFITEYESU Etienne, Secretary AGATESI Aime Sandrine, Accountant UWERA Sandrine, and advisors UWIKUNDA Jeanette, NIYITEGEKA Jean Marie Vianney, and HAKIZIMANA Aaron – took turns leading various songs, most of which were originals of different choirs in CEP.

Their first song performance  was “Imbabazi z’ umukiza” “Mercy of the savior”.

Their second song was,  “Uhembuwe n’ Uwiteka,” an original composition by El Elyon worship team. This uplifting song conveyed the message that restoration and blessings come from the Lord, bringing an end to days of uncertainty and encouraging everyone to rejoice in the light that shines upon them.

To conclude their exciting performance, the committee combined sections from different songs. They merged “Wakoze ibyo tutibwiraga” (“You have performed beyond expectations), an original piece by Enihakore choir, with a segment from Alliance choir’s French song. They further  included a section of “Ntimwihebe” (“Don’t be afraid”) by El-Elyon worship team. Through these songs, they conveyed a message of hope to the congregation, urging them not to fear or be disheartened by their departure. They reassured everyone that the Lord had performed miracles beyond their expectations and would continue to do so even after their departure.

For the full, exhilarating performance, you can visit the official YouTube channel of “CEP UR HUYE TV”

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