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Yerusalemu Choir in Evangelical campiagn Day 8


On this joyful Saturday, the eighth day of the evangelical campaign, CEP had the honor of hosting a remarkable visiting Choir from ADEPR Muhondo. Their presence uplifted the congregation with soul-stirring messages and powerful performances.

The Choir commenced their stage performance with a captivating stage ‘Nabonye umukunzi mwiza’, the Fourth Song in Agakiza: Kinyarwanda Hymns of Praise and Salvation.’ This melodious hymn beautifully expressed the profound love the Savior holds for his church.

However, their performance did not stop there. The Choir’s first song delved into the imminent arrival of Christ, who will reward each individual according to their deeds. The lyrics resounded with an air of anticipation:

“Araje Yesu azanye ibihembo, azanye ingororano

azanye amakamba, azanye amakanzu.

Abera mwihangane mushonje muhishiwe

hari igitondo cyiza kizabamo ibitwenge….”

-a powerful reminder that the righteous will be duly rewarded.

The second song was introduced by a sketch depicting a pilgrim’s journey, filled with nostalgia for the celestial city. The Choir’s message behind this song was to encourage the congregation to remain patient in their yearning, for the time of Christ’s return is drawing near. They referenced the prophetic words of Daniel, who spoke of the last days. (Daniel 7:25).

In another chorus, the Choir harmoniously sang of Christ as the shield that surrounds and protects us from all sides. This reminder of His unwavering love and guardianship touched the hearts of all who listened.

Their third song centered around the concept of Christ’s bride, emphasizing the necessity for her to be fully prepared and adorned. This powerful message was preceded by yet another evocative sketch, symbolizing the yearning for the Savior’s arrival. The song served as a call to action, urging the bride to remain alert and ready to welcome her groom. As the King approaches, we must eagerly anticipate the rewards He brings.

Overall, the visiting Choir from ADEPR Muhondo, which will be here also this sunday, November 19th, continuee to grace the congregation with an unforgettable performance. Through their profound messages and heavenly melodies, they are instilling hope, patience, and an unwavering faith in the imminent return of Christ and the rewards that await the faithful.

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