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El Elyon Worship Team Special Week Recap -Special performance


This Sunday marked the end of a special week led by the El Elyon worship team at CEP UR Huye. The team graced the congregation with a deeply spiritual and resonant performance, complemented by their striking attire.

Song Performances

Amidst beautiful melodies, they delivered a Kinyarwanda rendition of the hymn “Joy to the World”:

“Nezerwa cyane, wa si we
Araje shobuja
Mwa bayibamo mwese mwe
Musange mwinonosoye
Ni mu mukingurire
Mu mwakir’abiharire
Kand’ ibyaremwe byose bimuhimbaze”

“Joy to the world, the Lord is come
Let earth receive her King
And Heaven and nature sing

El Elyon dedicated this special week at CEP UR Huye to the theme of ‘Guhishurirwa nyakuri,’ the true revelation of Christ to His people. Throughout multiple fellowship sessions held over the course of the week, the team emphasized the importance of delving deeply into God’s heart and understanding His nature. The central message urged Christians to deepen their relationship with God, investing their energy and will into knowing Him more intimately, thus enabling them to serve Him genuinely.

During this Sunday’s service special performance, El Elyon conveyed the message of the cross through their original song “Intsinzi yacu” (Our Victory), emphasizing that our ultimate triumph was secured on the cross at Calvary. The complete lyrics of the song are available on El Elyon’s YouTube channel #EL-ELYON WORSHIP TEAM

In another soul-stirring performance, with their song “Ntimwihebe,” they imparted a message of hope to the congregation, echoing the enduring promise found in faith. The complete lyrics can be found on their YouTube  channel.

Their final song performance centered on the concept of Jesus as the ultimate fulfillment of all our needs. It conveyed the profound truth that every blessing we cherish is encapsulated in Christ, who has graciously bestowed them upon us. This stirring rendition resonated deeply with the congregation, drawing them closer to God and reinforcing their faith in His abundant provision.

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