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CEP Sunday service on 14th January -Choir presentations


On the afternoon of January 14, 2024, the association of Pentecostal students at the University of Rwanda-Huye Campus (CEP), held their regular Sunday service at the campus stadium.

After the opening prayer, the El Elyon worship team led the congregation in multiple songs of praise and worship, including a hymn in Kinyarwanda (songs of Gushimisha Imana n’ agakiza) called Izina ryiza rya Yesu (111 Gushimisha Imana). The song focused on praising the great name of Christ and acknowledging that His power surpasses our understanding, even though our praise may fall short.

Following the worship session, the president of CEP UR Huye went to the altar to introduce the new members of the various choirs in CEP to the congregation. The president then prayed for them, asking for blessings as they embark on their calling.

Following the president’s prayer, Vumilia choir was the first of four church choirs to perform. During their performance, they sang about the mighty of God, emphasizing that He is the only worthy savior and our refuge. They also sang about Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross and the importance of remembering it. This remembrance serves as a source of determination to live as brides waiting for the groom (Christ), who paid the bride price with His blood.

Enihakore choir thereafter took the stage and performed their song “Yahiritse igitare.” The song celebrates Jesus’s resurrection and ascension to heaven, while also expressing the belief in His imminent return and the transformative impact it will have on the world.

Elayo Family choir concluded the choir presentations with their song, which captured the incomparable and unconditional love found in Jesus. Their performance resonated with the congregation, reminding them of the profound love that Jesus has for each and every person.

During the session of giving tithes and offerings, El Elyon once again took the stage to deliver a powerful song performance. Their song proclaimed the greatness of our God, emphasizing that He is the only God and that there is none besides Him. The congregation was reminded of the unwavering faithfulness and sovereignty of God.


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